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Why simplify? 

People juggling work, home life and other commitments can feel frazzled and “like our hair is on fire,” Ley says. “Creating some margins gives us time to breathe, to love and to be creative.” Ley’s “margins” include a gap in the schedule, an empty shelf or a clear email inbox. 

Simplifying life at home requires ruthless cleaning out, whether it’s a drawer, a closet, the photos taking up space on your phone or time commitments on your schedule. The thought of where to begin can be overwhelming. 

Ley recommends starting with your house. “After you get your house in order it will inspire you to create margins in other parts of your life. It will happen naturally,” she says.

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Article Written by Ginny Harris for Houzz.

Becky Ley is a professional organizer and creator of Simplified Planner